Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence

Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence

The Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence program will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to enable them to be aware of their personal vision and values to live and work in a purposeful way, aligned with GSIS’ mission, vision, and core values. It will also aid them in becoming aware of the impact of their actions and emotions on their work as well as on the people around them and will strengthen their emotional intelligence as they learn to identify, understand, control, and handle their emotions.


The program aims to enable target participants to:

  • Identify his/her personal vision and purpose.
  • Describe and differentiate personal mastery and emotional intelligence.
  • Identify and explain categories of emotional intelligence.
  • Enumerate and apply the tools and skills to develop personal mastery; and
  • Develop a personal development plan as a guide for personal and professional growth.

Mentoring Skills Workshop

Mentoring Skills Workshop

The Mentoring Skills Workshop is a 16-hour blended learning program that covers the essential principles of mentoring. It aims to help participants cultivate their qualities and practices to become successful mentors despite different learning styles and being in a remote work set-up.


The program is to enable target participants to:

  • Understand and appreciate the concept of mentoring and its essential principles
  • Differentiate mentoring from coaching and other developmental initiatives
  • Recognize the benefits of mentoring to both the mentor and mentee
  • Cultivate the qualities and practices of successful mentors
  • Identify developmental areas or work situations where mentoring can make a difference
  • Implement communication and mentoring strategies for different learning styles
  • Measure the success of implemented mentoring initiative
  • Formulate a mentoring agenda aimed at developing target assets in the workplace

Launch of the GSIS Competency Assessment

Launch of the GSIS Competency Assessment

The Enhanced GSIS Competency Framework (CF), approved under Board Resolution No. 177 dated 14 December 2021, was part of the Human Resources Office (HRO) strategic initiatives and performance scorecard last year. New sets of competencies and corresponding key actions have been identified after GSIS achieved the final average rating required by the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG), and in consideration of the emerging competencies of employees brought about by the current work environment.

For 2022, the GCG-approved performance measure is to: Establish Baseline Data on the Competency Level of the Organization.

In this regard, the HRO will conduct a baseline assessment to all GSIS officers and employees to assess their current competency vis-à-vis the new competency profile or requirement of their job (or role) based on the Enhanced GSIS CF. The assessment aims to identify strengths and growth areas of personnel; plan development strategies; and evaluate effectiveness and impact of development efforts.

2022 Building Effective Teams
Deedee EspinaChrissie SantiagoMaria Veronica Vergara

2022 Building Effective Teams

The Human Resources Office (HRO), in partnership with Centre for Human Resources Strategies Asia, Inc. (CHReS), will conduct a two (2)-day virtual program on Building Effective Teams. This will give the participants insights on how to build and lead teams, solve problems, make decisions, and optimize team performance to achieve team effectiveness.

The program aims to address our Core Competency on Building Organizational Talent with focus on team formation, team roles, team effectiveness and managing team conflicts.

This will be done online through a virtual instructor-led training (VILT) via Zoom. Asynchronous sessions will be accomplished through the GSISFLEX LMS.



The training on Fundamentals of Leadership is a two (2)-day program that covers the essential supervisory principles and styles, as well as the tools and techniques for effective interpersonal communication.  It also aims to make the participants appreciate the role of a supervisor and develop in them the right mindset and discipline to effectively lead and manage people.

Effective Business Writing

Effective Business Writing

This program is designed for all GSIS personnel across Salary Grade Levels, particularly those who are tasked to prepare business correspondence and other related documents. The program aims to help employees carry out their functions effectively and efficiently by having access to up-to-date methods, tools, format, styles and techniques, as well as observation of the set standards and ethics in preparing written correspondences (i.e. letters, e-mails, memoranda, notices) and reports (i.e. minutes, presentations).